I am a software professional with over 15 years of experience in designing and implementing a wide variety of critical systems in diferent industries.

Based in UK and Spain, I deliver independent consulting, helping clients solve their problems using and applying open source technology to address complex system integrations.

I help clients to design a path forward towards Microservices Architecture, Cloud Architecture, API-centric and SOA, DevOps and Security practices.

An architect who codes, a consultant who dig deeply in the issues to solve them. My specialities include working at low level with the technology in a client facing environment, consultancy and training services, with emphasis in Security, using open source technologies and applying the best practices and new approaches.

I blog regularly on software and architecture best practices and share my proof-of-concepts and tools with the open source community. I like to speak, write, present in public and exchange and sharing ideas. As I hope this blog illustrates.

To find out more about my work check out my profile on LinkedIn, or browse through my code on GitHub. Alternatively I can be contacted by email via [roger dot carhuatocto at intix dot info].