With The Systems Thinking Methodology, We can see any problem in a complete and holistic manner, in fact, it is possible to apply The Systems Thinking Methodology to Technology challenges such as Reliable Messaging, Critical Integration, Security allowing to add new variables (usability, trust, quality, risk, etc.) to the problem that before were not considered in the solution.
I blog regularly on software and architecture best practices and share my proof-of-concepts and tools with the open source community. I hope this blog illustrates.


  • rTail – a tool to collect and view the WSO2 Logs in a browser

  • Creating a VM with WSO2 servers for development with Vagrant & Puppet

  • WSO2 ESB MessageStore and MessageProcessor implementation for RabbitMQ

  • [WEBINAR] Gestión de Identidades en Servicios con WSO2 Identity Server

  • Applying WS-Security Policy Framework to Webservices (WSO2 ESB) and Dataservices (WSO2 DSS)

  • Squeezing the Sample 100 (Using WS-Security for Outgoing Messages) of WSO2 ESB 4.8.1

  • Evaluación del nivel y madurez de integración de Message Brokers opensource con WSO2 ESB

  • WSO2 Message Broker vs. Apache Qpid – Messaging Integration Patterns

  • WSO2 Guest Webinar: Creando un Backend de Servicios y/o API con WSO2

  • MTOM en WSO2 ESB para optimizar la transferencia de datos binarios sobre SOAP (Parte 2/2)

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